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Is this the name of a prizewinning showcat, or a striking but forgotten example of eighteenth-century masculine nomenclature? YOU DECIDE.

  1. Charles Skrymsher-Boothby-Clopton
  2. Nicodemus Aloysius
  3. Felix Tike
  4. Holdermanes Prowler
  5. Cloudesley Shovell
  6. Mordaunt Ricketts
  7. Wynterwynd Clair de Lune
  8. Marclich Archibald
  9. Dairymaine Chestaton
  10. Oneciphorus Chisle
  11. Clotworthy Skeffington
  12. Lesplushes Aniel
  13. Crisp Gascoyne
  14. Bamber Gascoyne
  15. Azwegie Knock
  16. Eurocastle Mandalay
  17. Colonel John Pollexfen Bastard
  18. Blackerby Fairfax
  19. Archibald Hammon
  20. Cornelius Throft
  21. Quodlibet Alina
  22. Arundel Coke
  23. Kabao von Aristoteles
  24. William Whisker
  25. Atticus of Snugglerags




Answers (with citations! For the men, not the cats):

  1. Man
  2. Cat 
  3. Man
  4. Cat
  5. Man
  6. Man
  7. Cat
  8. Cat
  9. Cat
  10. Man (plasterer and chapman, announces his bankruptcy in Daily Journal, 3 November 1735)
  11. Man
  12. Cat
  13. Man
  14. Man
  15. Cat
  16. Cat
  17. Man
  18. Man
  19. Man
  20. Man
  21. Cat
  22. Man
  23. Cat
  24. Man
  25. Cat


Ruth Scobie is a postdoc research fellow at the University of Oxford, working on eighteenth-century celebrity culture. She would really like to talk about old newspapers, Sarah Siddons, Mary Shelley, and the flouncier wardrobe choices of British naval captains in the 1780s, if those seem like things you’d be interested in.

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