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Toasties! FEAST YOUR EYES on this perfect drawing Friend of The Toast Sulagna Misra made for me this week, as I am HEARTS-CASCADING-FROM-MY-EYES IN LOVE with it:


I will have to frame it alongside my autograph. This, by the way, is exactly what I look like ALL the time; I would only edit The Toast whilst wearing a floor-length ball gown. That is just the basic respect you all are owed.

The Toast is partnering with LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco to present essays by blind women writers throughout the month of March. We published the first, by Georgina Kleege, on Wednesday: “On Being Who I Am: My Life as a Tall Blind Woman”:

I remember a man in Montreal once offered the comment: “La géante est aveugle!” The giantess is blind! This sized me up, in a way, but did not manage to get me in a nutshell. My blindness, like my height, is simply one of the many characteristics that make me who I am. I am way above average in one respect, way below average in another. And while life could always be better, I do not feel I need to be cured of anything.

LightHouse has put together a terrific series and we’re so pleased to be cross-posting it here. Please be sure to give all these pieces your clicks and comments and love this month!


You will laugh and cringe your way through Kendra James’s list of all the exaggerations, pleasantries, and white lies she intends to use at her upcoming fancy boarding school reunion.

Jaya on “ugh, men.” and tough calls:

Recently, another story played out in my life the way it always does. A man in the periphery who I assumed to be good, or at least neutral, and a story from a friend that proved otherwise. Another man moved from column A to column B, another person who I cannot change, but who I’ll look at sideeyed from now on. You know, same as it ever was.

“If, when he took off his shoes at the door, he left them pointing in the direction of the town you were born in, you might stand a chance.”

Read excerpts from the first three essays in Catapult’s ‘Adopted’ series HERE and then go on to Catapult for the full pieces. We will publish new adoption essays every Tuesday in March! It’s a breathtakingly beautiful series, and I so hope you enjoy it.

“You went to bed with Queen Gunnhildr and she has cursed you with a penis so large it cannot be used” and other surefire ways to tell whether you’re in a Viking saga.

Girly Vectors: A Watch List (truly, nothing is safe).

I hope you all have a glorious weekend! Pet your kitties. Dream about the ocean. Read something good. I love you.

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