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Oh my God, Jenny, you’re such a mystery
You like money and making out both, which is wild.
Just straight-up nuts. You’re asleep, almost as if
you were tired or something. Maybe tired from your lifestyle
of Doing It. Which is your job, Doing It, for money.
I wonder which one you’re dreaming about
doing it or money, that is.

Sometimes flowers die, Jen. They die!!!
Like: they were beautiful yesterday, and then,
BLAMMO: torn and bare. Jen does that remind you of anything.

Jenny, full of grace…like Mary
I described you the way we describe the Virgin Mary,
I don’t know if you get it, I mean, you can’t
(you’re asleep) but when you wake up, I’ll tell you
and then you’ll get it, or I’ll tell you how to get it,
You’ll wake up and get it, is what I’m saying.
Imagine, someone describing you the way they do when they’re praying.
Wild stuff. But I’m open-minded like that.
Because you’re both women, you know? Only
one is a virgin and one is a whore,
which are different.
But similar too, in some ways. What a dichotomy!

Jenny my room has more books in it than your room
Jenny in some ways it’s almost like
YOU’RE a book
and I’m always reading you. You know?
also, I can see your boobs right now, I’m pretty sure
and like a good three-quarters of a nipple through your shirt.
I wonder if you’re dreaming about how nice it is
that I’m letting you sleep right now. I bet that’s what you’re dreaming about, probably, because everyone’s a real dick to you about sex work, except for me. You probably like being asleep because no one is mean to you there. You’re welcome, Jen!

Here’s some ways flowers make me think about sex.

Oh my God, Jenny, did you know that you sleep the way all women sleep?
holy shit
what if other women did things the way you did
not just sleeping I mean
no Jenny I’m serious
like I have a cousin who’s a woman
idk if you knew that
really makes u think
also: what if the sun turned into a goblin

It’s such a riddle, how other women probably don’t like you
like if you were a dead flower, or a toad trapped inside a rock
ohhh my God, Jenny, I can’t wait for you
to wake up so I can tell you all the stuff I was thinking about you while you were asleep.

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