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MONK #1: if I wanted to illustrate the rain of fire that destroyed Sodom
what should I use for my model
visually I mean
MONK #2: can can dancers
red legs, blue skirts
it’s all the same
MONK #1: oh thanks
and people who have died horribly of burns look –
MONK #2: normal skin but asleep
MONK #1: right, right



MONK #1: how many animals are there in the world, again
MONK #2: eleven
plus four fish
but they’re all trapped, so



MONK #2: remember, the Tower of Babel is a sign of man’s deadly hubris and overweening pride
they tried to reach Heaven itself
so don’t hold back
make it at least one and one half stories high
MONK #1: gotcha



MONK #2: same deal with Jacob’s Ladder
remember: this stretched all the way up to God’s throne
so at least two people could stand comfortably on it at the same time
God is roughly as high up as a medium tree, just for future height referencing



MONK #1: I’m having the toughest time finishing this illustration of Jacob wrestling with the angel for some reason
I never really wrestled as a kid
what does it look like
MONK #2: confused hugging
MONK #1: really?
MONK #2: yeah you’re hugging but you look sort of concerned about it
most concerned face wins, usually



MONK #1: stoning someone must be awfully violent
how would I draw that?
MONK #2: its actually VERY low key
you just drop soft bread rolls around their head until they go away, from dying
MONK #1: oh huh
i never would have guessed that
MONK #2: yeah its sort of counterintuitive



MONK #1: can a man fit through a tower
or like a gate
from a castle
MONK #2: no
that’s why whenever you build a castle you stand in the middle and build around you and then you can’t ever leave
castles are actually super impractical



MONK #1: so war must be pretty hard then huh
MONK #2: not really if you know your strategy
just lean over a wall and pick everyone’s heads up
thats basically it

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