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I haven’t seen Zootopia yet but it seems like a good movie. Some people are saying it deals with themes like white feminism and police brutality, and that’s awesome! But also I really liked the sloth joke in the trailer, so even if it’s two hours of sloth jokes I’ll be happy. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with Zootopia itself, but why on earth do people keep trying to explain the concept of a world in which animals do human things like that is a hard thing to understand?

Like, watch the teaser trailer:

< https://youtu.be/g9lmhBYB11U >

Anthropomorphism! Foxes wearing shirts! This is not hard stuff to grasp, Disney! I could have let it slide if they just didn’t have enough animation done and needed to put something in a trailer, but reviews have followed suit!


Zootopia takes place in a universe populated entirely by highly evolved animals who wear clothes (except for the naturists among them), have jobs, and live together in civilized, not quite perfect harmony.”

Entertainment Weekly:

Zootopia is a sprawling city where talking, walking animals live their lives as humans would, and its populated with all the usual suspects of human society, from police officers to politicians to DMV agents.”


“The wild and furry landscape of Zootopia, Disney’s new self-contained world of talking animals, is a remarkable place.”

YES WE KNOW, THE ANIMALS SPEAK ENGLISH AND DO HUMAN THINGS. A few of the reviews point out that the plot of the movie hinges on the arrangement that all the animals live in an alternate reality and are ignoring their predator/prey instincts to live together in some sort of tolerance, but again, we could have figured that out. Presumably that’s what’s going on in, oh I don’t know, Bojack Horseman, The Rescuers, Kung Fu Panda, The Wind in the Willows, or Disney’s Robin Hood which already had a sexy fox in a shirt. 

It’s cool, we got this. 

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