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I love knitting, and I think it can even be a pretty feminist thing to do, taking the domestic work of our foremothers and turning it on its head — doing the work because we want to. What was once a necessary skill to keep our families warm is now, for many, just a hobby. I found myself wondering what sort of feminist knitting patterns are available, and as it turns out there are a LOT. Try some of these if you, like me, love the idea of wearing your feminism on your sleeve (or your head, or your feet).

No is a complete sentence pattern, by Feminist Knits

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.

Feminist Killjoy hat pattern, by Glitz Knits Boutique

One of two “Feminist Killjoy” items on my list! This one is in fun colors and features a giant pom-pom. Love it.

Feminist Killjoy Mitts pattern, by Jen Walker and Cheryl Koester

These “Feminist Killjoy” mitts are rather more subdued than the hat, but no less fun.

Misandry Hat pattern, by Glitz Knits Boutique

Laugh at men who accuse you of misandry. Point at your hat with pride.

Womb pattern, by MK Carroll

I knitted one of these for my midwife after my son was born, but all uterus-havers and uterus lovers could have their very own.

FeminInos Mitts, by Hedvig Egero

Two great pairs of mitts with a similar motif. I love the simplicity of this one, as well as the clever ties.

Gudrun, by Maria Larkang

More mitts! I love how full of color and pattern these are.

Feminist Torus, by Hugh Griffiths

A good alternative to the uterus pattern if you want to make something fun but not to wear!

Catical Feminism Hat, by Glitz Knits Boutique

Feminists + Cats = basically everyone I know or care to know. And I love the detail work on the top!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Jabot, by Donna Druchas and Ava Coleman

Need. I. Say. More.

Annika Barranti Klein is a feminist and a knitter. She also referees women's banked track roller derby, and is a writer and photographer.

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