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Home: The Toast

When I went to college there was no YouTube (the blogger said to her grandchildren). Instead, we had to find videos in weird corners, or download actual files. It was chaos. Anyway, I was thinking of this because I saw one of those ripoff Pop Tarts ads and remembered the brilliance of “Rejected.”

If you haven’t seen this, I’m sure you can see it was the type of thing that a group of 18-year-olds would quote back and forth to each other in lieu of actual conversation for at least a year and a half. Which was a huge departure from high school, where we were quoting Teen Girl Squad and Trogdor the Burninator. Or middle school, where I just hung out in AOL chatrooms trying to find a boyfriend like in You’ve Got Mail.

Anyway, tell me about the weird things you remember from when you were first on the internet! And then we can join together for a rousing rendition of “We Like The Moon.”


Image via Homestar Runner

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