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Could her ears have more floof? No.

stop shooting children holding toy guns

Watching rom-coms as a black disabled woman:

On the DVD cases before me, the cover stars stand in an array of positions my body will never find itself. Their hands are on their hips challengingly; they laugh and gesture. Most are happy, clutching a co-star with a wide smile. Others are sad and pensive, their hands clasped neatly in front of them or placed behind their back. But it would take me a while to get my right hand to cooperate long enough for me to put it behind my back. I cannot pull off the sexy and dangerous pout either. My black disabled body—with its aching bones and bent fingers, a right leg that is an inch shorter than the left with its limp and limited motor skills—is not the body reflected on screen.

Racked is killin’ it right now, and I LOOOVED this:

Teatox reviews are all over the internet, and many of them are positive. Those on Amazon have customers raving they “lost 3 lbs after only 4 days of taking this product every morning”; people claim they have “a lot more energy than I usually do” and that their “bloating went down as well.” But you can also find plenty of complaints that label teatoxes as a scam, as well as accounts of the teas messing with menstrual cycles and affecting the efficacy of birth control. However, because few people actually file official reports with the FDA, choosing instead to contact companies directly or post comments online, Meyer says there is little the FDA can do.

“Unless there’s a safety signal, there’s no reason for us to take action,” she explains. “Which is why we tell people, ‘If you think you’ve been harmed, you need to report to us and not only to the manufacturer,’ because teatox companies don’t have to let us know what adverse events are happening. Unless people are dying, they don’t have to tell us about complaints they are receiving.”


I have a situation that is so out there I almost wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t happening to me. The company I work at has three branches and around 100 employees. The owner of the company has a brother who needs a liver transplant. Two weeks ago, a company-wide memo went out that all employees would be required to undergo testing to see if they were a suitable liver donor for the owners brother. No exceptions.

Last week at the branch the owner works out of most of the time, his assistant went around to schedule days off for everyone so they could go get tested. People who declined were let go. One of these people was born with liver disease and therefore ineligible to donate. She had a doctor’s note. Other people also had medical reasons as well and some were just uncomfortable with the request and didn’t want to do it. One was pregnant. They were still terminated. My employer’s assistant has said that because our employment is at will, he can legally fire us.

The Melania Profile:

While Donald often says that Melania would make a stellar First Lady, the former model offers little clue about what a move to the White House would mean for her. She once said she would be “traditional,” like Jackie Kennedy, and on the question of what causes she might support, she has noted she is already involved in “many, many charities.” She elaborated: “Many different charities involving children, involving many different diseases.”


On Tuesday night, the City Council of Oxford, Alabama unanimously approved a new ordinance that will punish individuals for using restrooms that do not match their biological sex as stated on their birth certificate. The policy is a direct response to Target indicating that trans people are welcome and will be respected in their stores.

According to the text of the ordinance, “citizens have a right to quite [sic] solicitude [sic] and to be secure from embarrassment and unwanted intrusion into their privacy while utilizing multiple occupancy bathroom or changing facilities by members of the opposite biological sex.”

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Jay: Seriously

Ava: Shh, adulterer

Bey: I want the palace to suddenly flood with water and that’s when Jay is going to wake up.

Jay: I’m gonna wa-

Bey: You’re going to wake up.

Prince: Hey, I need somebody to go to the store and get so-


but who IS the genius that is writing said fanfic?

Prince comes out of the house and asks for kale.
The whole idea of fanfiction is just taking stuff that already exists. You can either keep the story going or make your own alternate universe. Prince just passed and it would seem tasteless to me if I didn’t reference him. So, why not just bring him to life? I also hear he was vegan and liked vegetables, and I know kale is my least favorite vegetable. There’s nothing more vegan than kale. I think that would be his preferred vegetable.

obviously I read every word of this:

Afterward, Lee returned to London and to Greece, where she resumed her relationship with Onassis, though all was not perfect there. “I always thought Ari’s bathing trunks were too tight,” she said. “I told him so. I thought it was vulgar.”

A lady who I have chosen to believe created the bad U of P commercial left some huffy comments in moderation that I deleted bc whatever it’s my site sent us a VERY annoyed email, of which this is a small sample:


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