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Faux Wood BanglesSet, $7.90 Man, what a depressing week. We gotta do something about this. You know what you do? You go out and buy eight sets of these and wear them all at once. That’s what you do.

image1xxlKorres Brightening & Line-Smoothing Serum, $25.50 (was $51) Two things: 1) don’t let your mooching uncle Patrick find this and 2) at $25 you might be able to practically bathing in it like Martha does.

zoom_151012_TKTABLETOP121438Rachel Comey Black Almer Platform, $105.80 (were $529) I don’t really want these, but I want to want them, which is how the guy I dumped last week felt about me. :(

leviLevi’s Wedgie Fits, $158 Not on sale and they’ll never have to be. Just ask anyone who has watched me walk away after dumping them.

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 10.49.21 PMH&M Paper Napkins, $1.99 (were $2.99) Ah, that pesky paper napkin addiction! Will we ever have enough? She who dies with the most paper napkins wins.

504481036_1_whsfullfrontSkin Jersey Caftan, $55 at checkout (was $195) Cult dress. Dig it.

504398648_1_whstabletopJax and Bones Dog Bed, $195 (was $290) Wow, who loves their dog this much and why!? And how do you convince HRH to use this thing?

S29546678_045_b4Linen Edged Towel, $29.95 (were $48) Been super into lightweight towels lately because they dry fast and don’t feel too heavy when you wear them on your head for way too long because you take a shower and then your kid is a fucking pain in the ass in every possible way for like two hours.

rashguardsurfsuit_sbw_rs_aMara Hoffman Rashguard Surf Suit, $194.60 (was $278) What’s everyone wearing to the beach this summer?

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