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Previously: Ryan Atwood was a lesbian.

1. Always wearing plain black T-shirts, fitted jeans, and black boots with a sturdy heel.

2. Friends with famous lesbians like Seth Green and Donny Osmond.

3. Based on beloved lesbian icons Elvis Presley and The Fonz.

4. Won’t let anyone touch his pompadour, the most lesbian haircut of all time.

5. His closest friend is named “Momma,” the toughest stone butch name imaginable.

6. Is clearly based on Ivan from season 1 of The L Word, even though The L Word came out years later.

7. Has terrible luck with straight girls.

8. Practices body positivity and self-care.

9. Super into training his upper body and glamor muscles, often at the expense of leg day.

10. A big supporter of professional women’s sports.

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11. He just is, don’t @ me

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