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#1 Mom Pendant, $40.99 (was $114.99) Here’s what I got myself for Mother’s Day. My kid isn’t old enough to buy me anything — although Sonia at daycare made her hand me a cupcake-shaped foil balloon today with the words “Sweet Mom” scrawled across the bottom; the obvious mischaracterization being the main clue that this gift wasn’t selected for me by my daughter. Still made me cry. Look what else I found. Happy Mother’s Day. Moving on!


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Superga Sneakers, $49.99 (were $119) These are on sale because they contain secret GLITTER. You have to squint to see it.

derek-lam-10-crosby-pink-purple-floral-lame-trousers-pink-product-1-307628631-normalDerek Lam Flora Trousers, $118.50 (were $395) Getting way into kind of ugly clothes lately. I figure if I’m going to look like shit all the time anyway, might as well amuse myself, right? But, okay, so you have no sense of humor AND really love flower prints. Here you go:

image1xxlAX Paries Shirt Dress, $49 (was $83) While your’e at it, belt it:

image3xxlBelt with Whip Stitch Detail, $14 (was $24) Just a tidge dom.

foliage-bloom-pillow-cover-oFoliage Bloom Pillow Cover, $49.99 (was $99) At first, I hated this pillowcase. Now I love it. I’m actually impressed by the power of this pillowcase to change (at least!) one heart and one mind. This pillowcase might as well run for president.

34738625_020_eWood Burning Kit, $19.99 (was $42) Hide your furniture!

555c8ee0dfc062c6977eae0071caead5Smashbox Pout Collection, $29 (was $45; $85 value) The reviews for this are all like, “This looked like it would suck. I bought it anyway and it’s perfect!” Here’s to risk takers.

122028442_1_whstabletopA Fork, $860 (was $1,070) A fork.

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