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  • Her impudence will only encourage the others!
  • Majesty, her continued existence is an affront to the high and noble bloodline of the Bloodriddle family, and to the high office with which your grandfrere entrusted me!
  • Does not the Scroll of the Freemen Uncle-Elders command it?
  • Not to do so, sirress, would be to invite the wrath of the Dread Mothers come next Quickentide!
  • Lest her insolence reach the steps of the Great Hall and invite all smallfolk to turn on their masters and lead us all to bloodruin!
  • To meet our annual flame quota, star-wanderer!
  • Her flesh-smoke will perfume the heavens and gladden the nostrils of our sky-aunts!
  • To prevent the violation of the law that says no Smoothflesh blood shall be spilled on consecrated ground!
  • To end this vile insurrection once and for all!
  • To prevent the people who serve you from ever learning a word of the truth of what transpired between these sacred walls, Majestement!
  • To end this abominable practice of literacy, my liege-o-tron!
  • To put to an end the last of the shape-shifters, and never again hear their footfalls outside our doors a’nights!
  • Why, it would fulfill the terms of our infernal tithe, and keep the Nephilim and their strange-eyed sisters from our lands for another full year!
  • To satisfy the hunger of the Moonborn!
  • To stamp out talk of heresy among the Night-Shriven!
  • To break the pride of this haughty, stiff-necked coven, which will not acknowledge our own Council as their rightful authority!
  • To put an end at last to hunger of the Worm-Seethe!
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