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“Le droit du seigneur” = the droit of the seigneur

“Primae noctis” = the most noctis

“Deus vult” = God vults

“Dies Irae” = the day of Ira

“Lex orandi, lex credendi” = If Lex orandis, Lex must also later credendi

“Nibelungenlied” = Nibelungen’s, or any of the other Lungen’s, lies

“Linquo coax ranis” = even Linquo can’t convince Ranis

“Sic et Non” = it’s me, Peter Abelard

“Beowulf” = Bea’s Wolf [Bea Arthur]

“Chanson de geste” = Chanting for guests

“Summa Theologiæ” = some theology

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