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Yesterday morning my kid got carsick en route to a preschool interview and because of my BRILLIANT, TIME-HONORED BUFFER SYSTEM we were able to screech into a parking lot and do some hasty wet-wiping and costume-changing into the OTHER kid’s clothes, which fit…somewhat, and only be ten minutes late for the interview, where my kid basically lay wanly on the floor asking to be taken home, but everyone rolled with it and then we came home and the MINUTE we walked in the door, the DOG puked, so. What a glorious adventure! Now I will go examine the carseat to see what can be done.

I woke up early and saw that Hollande has confirmed the loss of the Cairo/Paris flight that had disappeared from radar late last night:

President François Hollande of France has said that EgyptAir Flight 804 went down at sea en route to Cairo from Paris. He confirmed that there were 66 people on board, including 15 French passengers.

It’s not helpful but the best solution is a time machine to prevent yourself from ever having met your terrible stupid rude misogynist boyfriend:

My boyfriend (29M) and I (28F) found out I am unexpectedly pregnant. Despite the fact that we didn’t plan this we are both very happy about it and are looking forward to our first baby.

Since we’ve known each other my bf always said he dreamed of having a son and naming him after himself. I never agreed or disagreed with this since up until now, we weren’t planning for a baby any time soon. As soon as we decided we were keeping the baby my boyfriend, Adam (name changed for privacy), started referring to it has “Adam Junior”. I didn’t really think much about this at first, but the more I did the more I realized that I don’t want to name my child after my husband, and it bothered me that he just assumed he had naming rights without even consulting me.

It seems really petty, but I just don’t like his name and would prefer to have a say in my child’s name. I told my boyfriend we should talk about it, and he said he has dreamed of having a son with his name all of his life and it would devastate him if he didn’t. He basically said it was non-negotiable.

very, very present for the oral history of MADtv:

Keegan-Michael Key (cast member, 2004–09): The powers that be were not going for social commentary. What’s the outrageous joke? Let’s go for it, and let’s pull no punches. Of the people who say to me “I used to watch your show,” 65 to 70 percent of them would be Hispanic. Based on my own experience, I’d say the main demographic was people of color — Hispanics and blacks — who are middle class. And it’s more about class than race. Sometimes if people do manual labor or jobs of that variety, at the end of the day they’re like, “I’m tired. I want to go home. I want to laugh my ass off. If I’m going to watch comedy, what I really want is to identify with something immediately. It’s not about subtle or intellectual drama. I work too hard. I don’t want to think about it. I just want to laugh.”

Then, also, there was a kind of outrageous broadness about the show that appealed to that demographic. People like to feel stimulated and titillated by seeing something they think they’re not supposed to see. People walked up to me and went, “Y’all is wrong.” The majority of the people in that demographic I’m speaking about are churchgoers, so there’s a moral center to what you’re supposed to do and not supposed to do. In a manner of speaking, you’re “not supposed to” watch MADtv.

Are you in Seattle tonight?? GO SEE JAYA AND MATT AND DAD MAGAZINE.

THIS OLD AUSTRALIAN MAN IS HARD.CORE. (also, a genuine RIP to his friend, I truly wish that both of you were telling this story on TV right now):

The 72-year-old surviving man managed to get on top of the boat and used whatever he could find to fend off the crocodiles as he tried to push the boat to safety.

“He was using spanners and spark plugs to hold them at bay,” Ian Badham, director of CareFlight told ABC News. Badham also revealed the man had used a spanner to hit a crocodile over the head.

The man finally managed to get the boat to the mangroves, but became stranded in the mud as his three-hour encounter with the beasts continued, according to a statement by CareFlight, a medical rescue charity. It was only when the tide came in he could get enough buoyancy to pull his boat into a safer position.

You know we love asking you to help chip in for a Toastie’s sister’s partner’s top surgery, and this is NO EXCEPTION. Top surgeries for all!

this is so inappropriate on so many different levels and this is why you don’t. manage. your. kids.:

I am the director of operations for our practice. I have a daughter who is one of our employees, and I am her manager. She has a seven-month old baby and works part-time from home for our publicly traded company, doing administrative work.

She brought her baby to work recently while she ran by to get some supplies and send an email. A coworker – unbeknownst to us – took a picture of my daughter’s baby playing on the floor at work during this short time and sent it to the HR director at corporate – telling HR that my daughter was bringing her baby to work in the office and that she was afraid to say anything because she feared retribution.

First of all, this was completely untrue – she works from home and does not work in the office. Secondly, no one here has ever experienced retribution. The HR director would not tell me who sent the picture and told this story.

I am concerned on two levels – first of all, what gives this employee any right to take pictures of another coworker’s child and share them with anyone? Is there recourse here? Secondly, without know who has done this, my level of trust for all of our employees has been diminished, as I must now suspect all five of the people in this particular office location of having done such a petty thing. Where are my rights to access of this information?


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