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Hair Ruiners, $12.95 (were $22) Let’s all pretend for a moment that all that nonsense from last Friday was just a joke, eh? Speaking of jokes, get a load of these wine tags some drunk person must’ve confused for barrettes! At first I thought this was a sale on eyebrow… stuff? But no, it’s the wine tags.

image1xxlPaisley Print Maxi Dress, $36 (was $69) This was 69 and it will be again ifyouknowhatimsayin.

B8944_WP5086Metallic Case for Samsung Galaxy 4, $3.99 (was $18.50) Looks like that Samsung Galaxy 4 is finally paying off.

38417796_010_bBilly Ella Embroidered Pumps, $129.95 (were $198) These are really pissing me off. They seem like something you should be able to make, right? BUT HOW?

058901_DSNJ.Jill Long Perfect Tank, $14.99 (was $29) Why is this color on sale? No, please tell me. Am I color blind? Maybe toss this sweater I just bought IRL over it:

38158259_066_bBDG Slubby Pullover, $19 (was $49)

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 6.41.22 PMWolford Louie Tights, $32.50 (were $65) Whut.

693450_fr_xlHeidi Klum Lace-Trimmed Chemise, $49.50 (was $90) Just pretty. No jokes.


DIS: Positive Ambiguity Poster, $4.95 (was $15) We must all buy this.


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