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Hey Ladies!

We’re so excited to show our book cover here for the first time, and wanted to do a special Hey Ladies as a thank you to our fellow Toasties. We can’t wait to share the book with you! If you pre-order Hey Ladies!: The Story of 8 Best Friends, 1 Year, and Way, Way Too Many Emails and email a screenshot to yourheyladies@gmail.com, we would love to send you your very own personalized signature quote (something in the key of aUDREY hEPBURN or Marilyn or Oprah). Miss you all! Love, Michelle + Caroline

To: Katie, Jen, Nicole, Morgan, Caitlin, Ashley, Gracie, Helene Carrington
From: Ali
Subject: Miss you!

Hey Ladies!

This has been some year, huh? Between everything happening in our country — not to mention internationally, RIP our non-refundable deposits for Jen’s bachelorette weekend (I’ve always heard the clubbing scene in Pyongyang during autumn months cannot be missed, but that’s neither here nor there…), I think it’s really important for us all to take a sec and reconnect as a group and see each other socially outside of events for #BJPartyOfTwo. Btw, any more thoughts about changing the hashtag??

Let’s do a fun group dinner!

Date: This Saturday
Venue: Eleven Madison Park — it just reopened and they have a tasting menu! If you’re tight for money this month, don’t worry about it — you should definitely still come, and you can order a black truffle soup or something.

I miss you all! It doesn’t matter what we do, it only matters that we’re all together! I booked a rez for the eight of us (boring $ talk: I had to put down my card, so if one of you can’t make it, you’d owe me $200). Helene, if you’re in New York for the weekend, it would be great to meet you and Jen’s dad too for a drink beforehand and hash out some details re. Jen’s wedding weekend. I have some changes I’d like to make in terms of menu choices for the rehearsal dinner — are you getting my emails about those?? Did aol get hacked? I haven’t received a response back yet from you, so wanted to check.

Note: This is a ladies-only dinner. Sorry, you know how much I love Brad and Topher and Gracie’s boyfriend Petrick. (Full disclosure, I can never remember if his name is Pete or Patrick and I just split the diff and put him in my phone as Petrick, but I think he likes the nickname!). Trust me, if this wasn’t a girls’ night I’d love to invite the guy I’m seeing, Matt KUSHNER. Let’s keep it between us. Obviously, he’s a cousin, but aside from a shared family trust, he has nothing to do with Jared.

See you all Saturday!


“That which does not kill us makes us stronger. – Friedrich Nietzsche (and Kelly Clarkson)” – Hillary Clinton, What Happened

To: Ali, Katie, Jen, Morgan, Caitlin, Ashley, Gracie, Helene Carrington
From: Nicole
Subject: Miss you!

Hey Ladies!

So sad we’re not gonna make it to the shores of the south (Korea) but I think it’s the right decision based on what I hear via podcasts. Quick Q — I am selling my motorcycle pleather jacket at a steal $700 (purchased for $200 but trying to make a profit! #business). Would anyone like to purchase? 100% of the proceeds go towards the dinner party! LMK.

I can also do a Sephora merch credit ($16.97 value) as a free gift with purchase.


To: Nicole, Ali, Katie, Jen, Morgan, Ashley, Gracie, Helene Carrington
From: Caitlin
Subject: Miss you!

Hey Ladies,

I was literally sitting down to my gratitude journal to list the attributes about myself I am most grateful to the universe for, when a butterfly stopped in front of my window and fluttered her wings in my direction before taking flight into the unknown. A sign? Of course.

I love the idea of us all getting together this Saturday. I don’t think we should go to 11 Madison Park. I have another idea for how we can best gather our spirits and energy. First, let’s look at the word RESTAURANT:

RE: To do something over again
STAU: A German word meaning “traffic jam”
RANT: A tirade

I think we should meet for a holistic night-picnic. I’ll bring the cashew cheese and the breadth of my soul’s energy. Please bring non-nightshade, gluten-free, and dairy-free nourishment. Nicole – can you bring the alkaline water? Check out my e-book, Caitlin Your Life: Feed Your Soul + Body (TM). Let’s manifest our intentions.

The spirit in me recognizes the spirit in you,

“You got this, girl.” – The Universe to all of us.
Check out the newest product in my e-store: CaitlinYourLife Wellness Matcha Tea (™)

To: Caitlin, Ali, Katie, Ashley, Nicole, Jen, Gracie, Morgan
From: Helene Carrington
Subject: Miss you!

Hello girls,

Feel free to take me off of this thread as it does not pertain to Jen or Brad specifically. Also, Caitlin, I do not believe that is where the word ‘restaurant’ comes from.

Thanks much,


CEO of the Carrington Family, est. 1620, Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts

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