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  1. I've been at my job for two and a half years but I’m about to leave to move out of state. A few weeks ago, I found out from a female coworker that a male coworker of ours, Sam, has been sexually harassing almost all the women in my office for at least a year.

  2. READ THIS (on how students victimized by predatory colleges are fighting back):


    Rebecca Carroll on her anger:

    I’m angry that I was surrendered into adoption by a white mother whose exotification and resentment of black men resulted in my unwanted existence, and then adopted by white parents who are, for the most part, willfully colorblind. I’m angry that not one of these parents –

  3. Previously by Jesse Berney: The Other Avengers Are Pretty Busy Right Now No one knows better than I do how cruel society can be to those who choose not to conform to its mores. My wife and I have chosen to live our lives strictly as though it were the year 2012, and we face near constant mocking of our uncompromising lifestyle. The looks I get when people see me using my iPhone 5…

  4. I've been thinking a bunch about this Sady Doyle piece, which is just chock-full of horrible stuff you might not want to know about, but also has some interesting nuance on being wrong and trying to fix things, and how best to facilitate that as a society and as a person:

    Horovitz explained it pretty clearly, in the context of a song he wrote …

  5. Guess how we can drastically improve suicide rates among trans people?

    Bauer’s team looked at 13 modifiable factors in the lives of trans people. They found that strong parental support for expressed gender “corresponds to a potential prevention of 170 trans persons per 1000” from seriously considering suicide, and those who reported experiencing lower levels of transphobia were 66 per cent less likely to have seriously considered suicide in the past year.

  6. Previously: The Comment Section For Every Article Ever Written About Intimate Grooming and Tipping and Recipes and the Third Trimester. Nicole is happy to report that after not being able to breastfeed Kid One, Kid Two is breastfeeding like a champ. LIFE IS A RICH TAPESTRY. Breast is best. Your issue sounds like a tongue tie, go get it snipped. Three pediatricians have examined him and said he doesn't have a tongue tie.

  7. "Do you want to hear something funny?" someone asked me. "This is a joke," he told me, "with a punchline 100 days in the making."

    A member of the St. Louis police force has been charged with excessive force.

  8. Well.

    Also: The Eye of the Storm


    "Who Here Is a Negro?": For me, the lessons were sometimes pointed. My grandmother was quietly concerned that my siblings and I might not discern how we fit into a world that was so clearly defined by the Negro question. (For my grandmother this was the polite and preferred term.) My test came on one of those steamy…

  9. If you're anything like me (and if you aren't, MAYBE YOU SHOULD BE – THINK ABOUT IT), you've definitely spent a lot of your time objectively ranking Henry VIII's wives. This can be done by carefully employing the scientific method that you learned for the science fair in sixth grade. After that you need to square your answer and find the hypotenuse and then employ the quadratic formula. Because this isn't just conjecture,

  10. I am ready to talk about Snowpiercer now. (folds hands, waits for you)


    You are probably familiar with my thoughts on Cameron Todd Willingham, the innocent man murdered by the state of Texas in 2004. Well, look here, more evidence that he was sent to his death by a ruthless and evil district attorney and a rich backer.


    AHP has watched Outlander…

  11. Stop doing everything. Don't say anything or be anything. Get as small as you possibly can without disappearing. Don't exist. Or keep existing, but differently than before. Remember: criticism is the same thing as wholesale condemnation and also murder, so react accordingly. Apologize, but don't really mean it, and plant a seed of secret resentment so deep in your own heart that years later you can't even remember that you're the one who nurtured it…