ByAnna Cabe

Anna Cabe has been published in Mangrove, The Font, and Pink Pangea, among others. Hailing from Memphis, she currently lives, teaches, writes, and sings a lot of karaoke in Indonesia. You can follow her adventures at her website, Sojourner in Sumatra.

  1. The fact remains that my first Korean drama was also the first time I saw a) two reasonably well-rounded and developed, human Asian characters b) falling in love on screen c) in a way that was not filtered through the Western world’s view or "understanding" of how Asian characters should act.

  2. Which Greek is called “The Father of Geometry?”

    I am seven. I had moved to a cotton town smack-dab in the clay of the Mississippi Delta, the year before and already have the seeds of Get-Me-The-Heck-Out-Of-Here within me. But I don’t know that yet. I just know that I am bored one day in my second-grade class, as I had finished my work early, as I usually did.

  3. Anna Cabe's previous work for The Toast can be found here.

    “Foolish talk,” growled the king. “Did you just say that your father gave birth to a child? It’s the most impossible thing I’ve ever heard!”

    “Your Majesty,” Marcela replied, maintaining her calm, “If you as you now admit it is impossible for a man to give birth to a child, it must equally