ByJane Marie

Jane Marie is a writer, mother, fighter and lover.

  1. It's shrinkage. You know the second these cookies hit the oven they'll look more "normal."

  2. Admit it, this holiday season sucked. As did the entirety of 2015, so far. Did anyone buy you perfect wedge boots? No. No they did not. And now, here you are, stepping in cat puke in your bare feet. What's wrong with the cat? You'll figure it out tomorrow. Today is for buying your own damn boots.

  3. My friend and former This American Life colleague, Diane Cook, just wrote her first book -- a collection of short stories called Man V. Nature -- which comes out on October 7th. It’s incredible. We talked about the book and how it came to be. Diane, I love your book. Thank you! I wasn’t expecting my ideal dystopian fiction dream book of short stories, which is my favorite thing to read.  After I had a