ByLaura Jayne Martin

Laura Jayne Martin lives and writes in NYC.

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    The purpose of a party is to have fun together. What better time to have fun than after you’ve endured an inconceivable loss, the rayless depths from which you feel you may never fully ascend? A successful party takes planning and skill. Whether it’s a game party in a home, a birthday party, a dinner party, or just a

  2. Recently, I screened The Punk Singer, the new documentary film about Kathleen Hanna, the feminist activist and lead singer for the bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre who co-founded the riot grrrl movement in the early ‘90s. In the film, Hanna talked about her first solo project Julie Ruin, which she recorded by herself in her bedroom. She said she wanted the album to reach other girls who were also in their bedrooms and…