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  1. Oh, well, A of all, fuck you, then, and honestly, I don't have anything else to say about it. I honestly don't. I just think it's funny??? how – No, you know what, I honestly don't have anything else to say about it. I honestly don't. Even if you do, I'm just, you know, ZIP, the high road. (By the way, there is a quote from Coleridge that just, mmf, PERFECTLY describes our situation, and…

  2. Previously.

    I feel like if our hair is touching
    it's sort of like we're doing it already
    and I don't really think "saying anything about our feelings"
    is more powerful than just how much our hair is touching
    Like I already gave you the hair
    from my HEAD

  3. Ver-r-r-y Byron. You might be tempted to think, "Not very Byron," because there are other people in the picture, and his alabaster brow isn't the focal point.

  4. Originally.

    Oh My God You Guys, I'm Fucking Thirty-Six Now
    I Have To Like...Oh My God

    I'm officially too old to love, I feel like
    No one is even in love with me right now,
    which is garbage,
    okay some people are obviously but none of them count

  5. "Marriage has often been represented as the proper goal and terminus of a wild and dissipated career, and it has been supposed to be the appointed mission of good women to receive wandering prodigals, with all the rags and disgraces of their old life upon them, and put rings on their hands and shoes on their feet, and introduce them, clothed and in their right minds, to an honorable career in society." Oh, my sainted…

  6. uuuuuuugghhhh my life
    what is it?
    what's wrong?
    is there something specific that's the matter?
    or anything I can do to help?
    my liiiiife
    do you want me to come over?