Clopen Relationships: Love Advice from a Polyamorous Monogamist

I’m in an open relationship. I’m certainly not the only person in a non-monogamous relationship these days and my open status doesn’t score me nearly as many cool points as it once did nor is it as controversial as it once was. Everything I read about non-monogamy is like “Yay! So much sex! Whooopeeee! Nothing is hard!”

Meanwhile, poor little monogamy is written about like “Snooooooooze fest, I’m bored. Divorce says it’s not working anyway. And I am bored to literal tears.”
Woman fed up of partner
In my personal relational experience – including a failed marriage, several long-term monogamous relationships, some epically disastrous open relationships, and my current relationship which waffles between open and closed – I’ve found that these stereotypical storylines have left us with some expectations that could use some adjusting.