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I tore through the Hyperbole and a Half book last night, it was predictably great.  Here’s a really wonderful article about Allie Brosh, Donald Glover, and writing about depression when you’re still in the middle of it.

The police have the video of Rob Ford smoking crack, or, as the police phrase it: “The video files depict images that are consistent with what has previously been reported”

Getting to know the Roma.

Tremendous longform journalism (by the talented and thoughtful Irin Carmon) on those left behind when states eliminate medical exceptions for late-term abortion bans (I’m in touch with the author about whether individuals can contribute to the Davis family, and will let you know if that’s possible):

The Davises, who are both unemployed and live on Jessica’s $700 a month in disability payments and food stamps, came home to unpaid bills. The electricity was slated to be turned off the next day. Eric sold off scrap metal he found to pay the bill, but there was no money left for gas and water.

Oklahoma law had barred Jessica from using state Medicaid to cover the cost, so the couple had borrowed some money from relatives to cover the $2,800 procedure. In total, the trip set them back $3,500. “It took everything we had so that our son would not suffer,” Jessica said.

“It was never something that I had to worry about–the politics,” she said. “I just let women make their own decisions. But I would hate for another woman to have to be in my position.”

Atwood. Munro. Selfies.

Don’t click, save yourselves.

A helpful new guide for technology companies who struggle to find women to employ or speak at conferences.

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