1. Over email, Verdell Wright, Lola Prescott, Sarah Galo and Keisha McKenzie and I talked about the impact I Kissed Dating Goodbye had on our own lives and how each of us has worked to untangle our lives and relationships from the shame of purity culture.

  2. "“I’ve been fascinated with the paranormal, God, probably since birth,” said Maguire, 24, who now works in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, which some say is one of the most haunted cities in the US."

  3. For when you feel like wearing your feminism on your sleeve. And also on your head.

  4. Do we need to ask less of women or ask more of men?

  5. Used to attack the Soviet government and the US Army, neither of which have been all that friendly to women, historically. +4

  6. Being a telepathic brain unattached to a body, IT clearly dispels with even the concept of gender. +6

  7. The women break into song. They start off slow, with a dubiously tonal “Let There Be Peace on Earth,” but hit their stride with “Ain’t Gonna Study War No More.” After a few verses, it turns into a call-and-response with the crowd. “Sing with us!” calls Paula, a commanding brunette with a “No Drones” shirt. The colorfully striped banner the women hold reads “RAGING GRANNIES” in large black lettering.

  8. Charles Addams was distantly related to President John Adams, who laughed at his wife when she asked him to “remember the ladies” in politics. -7

    However, he’s also related to Abigail Adams and good for fuckin’ Abigail Adams. +6

  9. This is how things used to be: you opened your mouth or you kept it shut. If you spoke up, there were risks.

  10. The TV movie’s first act takes place in 1960, the same year the FDA approves birth control pills. +5

    The TV movie’s second act takes place in 1990, the year Emory University established the first Ph.D. program in women’s studies in the US. +8

    Yet another item in the canon assuming only male-appearing creatures can be horrifying serial killers… -3

    …But likely because we understand men

  11. I imagine Geach and Wallace in the lecture halls, in the libraries – the famous Radcliffe Camera at the Bodleian, maybe, not so different from the room where I read their work. They’re greedily soaking up Western literature. They’re searching for themselves, but they keep finding the same stupid story: a woman experiences a sliver of life, then kills herself because of a man.

  12. It always surprises me how little people can get away with knowing about sex workers. I had a client once who assumed I had children to support, and was scandalized when I confessed I didn’t. “You’re just one of these selfish women,” he told me, “these selfish women who want to move to a beach somewhere with a pair of massive fake tits and live off the interest.”

  13. Malena Magnolia was sitting at a table with her best friend, Harley, waiting to pick up a pizza to go, when a stranger approached them. “This dude is talking to us and saying all this vulgar stuff,” Malena recalls. The two did their best to ignore him, but he was persistent, trying to provoke a response. Harley remembers watching her best friend. She could sense Malena’s frustration boiling. Finally, Malena turned and looked…

  14. 1982 Gina whispered, “Things are going to be okay now, they will take us away to a better home or maybe back to our parents!!” as we nodded our heads believing her. I was the youngest at age 10; then there was Patti, who was a year older; and Gina, who was the eldest and also our fearless leader, who tried so hard to keep us safe. Earlier that day, we’d

  15. Late last month, British actress Susan Sheridan died of cancer at the age of 68. Sheridan was an accomplished voice artist, but for me (and, it seems, for a lot of news writers), her defining work was in the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio show. Sheridan played Tricia McMillan, known as Trillian (because, according to writer Douglas Adams, “it was a nickname that also sounded like an alien name”) – one of two