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The world has lost a great milliner and a cool lady.

Modern Farmer has an incredible piece by an undocumented farm worker, the first in a series:

The work is hard — but many jobs are hard. The thing that bothers me more is the low pay. With cherries, you earn $7 for each box, and I’ll fill 30 boxes in a day — about $210 a day. For blueberries, I’ll do 25 containers for up to $5 each one — $125 a day. With grapes, you make 30 cents for each carton, and I can do 400 cartons a day – $120 a day. Tomatoes are the worst paid: I’ll pick 100 for 62 cents a bucket, or about $62 a day. I don’t do tomatoes much anymore. It’s heavy work, you have to bend over, run to turn in your baskets, and your back hurts. I say I like tomatoes — in a salad. Ha. With a lot of the crops, the bosses keep track of your haul by giving you a card, and punching it every time you turn in a basket.

This week’s Social Q’s column is notable for having the most non-problems in one place ever.

What no one tells you about dramatic weight loss. Mostly about extra skin, but also touches on the ideas Kate Harding expressed in “The Fantasy of Being Thin,” which is always a hell of a read.

Rob Ford, explained. Talking points, if you’re out of free NYTimes articles after the last one: racism, Ford’s rampant alcoholism, and why he’s lodged in Toronto’s colon in the first place. Or you can read this article on how the Toronto Star got the video.

Worth it: The Hairpin’s Love Actually fanfic series.

Sweden is enforcing the Bechdel test.

The other Chris Martin:

And then here we are talking about painting. Painters should shut up and paint and when we stop painting we should dance or have sex or get a massage or take a shower and we shouldn’t be talking about painting. But here we are talking about painting endlessly, and of course the part about painting that we all love is the part that nobody gets to by talking about it. So, yeah, I got all these books about art and I love art and I love the history of art and I’m always interested in looking at paintings. Any kind of paintings are interesting to me. You show me a painting in a barbershop, a painting by some kid, any painting. I love paintings.

Laurie Anderson says goodbye to Lou Reed, it’s unbelievably beautiful and touching.

If it seems like The Toast gives too much Link Roundup! space to Roxane Gay, she needs to stop writing such interesting things.

Worth it.

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