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I too have a list of shows that my husband can watch without me, and vice versa! He is always at liberty to watch: White Collar, Suits, Agents of SHIELD, or Castle. In return, I can watch Veep or OITNB, because after Piper left that screwdriver in her pocket and could NOT come up with a solution, he said “that woman is too stupid to be believable, I’m out,” and nothing could coax him back.

your student loans are in your MIND. wait, no, that’s literally nonsense.


Tall genius unfamiliar with figure vital to understanding gun control in modern America:

Once, Bennet recalls, Coates was engaged in a gun control debate on the Atlantic’s Web site with Jeffrey Goldberg, a well-known colleague at the magazine. Goldberg referred to the philosopher and theologian Saint Augustine. Coates confessed that he didn’t know who Saint Augustine was, then charged ahead with the debate.

“I can’t think of another writer who wouldn’t have Googled it!” Bennet says.

Speaking of aforementioned tall genius, he has compiled an incomplete yet daunting reading list for those of us who want to know more about reparations!

ONE MORE TA-NEHISI-RELATED LINK TODAY, but I had never read his piece about why blacks do not study the Civil War, and it is WHAAAAAAAAAAAA:

For that particular community, for my community, the message has long been clear: the Civil War is a story for white people—acted out by white people, on white people’s terms—in which blacks feature strictly as stock characters and props. We are invited to listen, but never to truly join the narrative, for to speak as the slave would, to say that we are as happy for the Civil War as most Americans are for the Revolutionary War, is to rupture the narrative. Having been tendered such a conditional invitation, we have elected—as most sane people would—to decline.

Ann Friedman on the misogyny of #notallmen who talk about guns a lot:

“Wives were threats. Girlfriends were threats. Women who talked too much were threats,” Burdick continues. “And women who held public office and wouldn’t shut up were the scourge of the land. I have also picked up bumper stickers at gun shows that said: I JUST GOT A GUN FOR MY WIFE. IT’S THE BEST TRADE I EVER MADE.” You can own a gun. Physically and legally take possession of it. There’s no fear of rejection. It can’t divorce you. It can’t ask for alimony payments. You pull the trigger, it responds.

It’s not just Gary Oldman saying dumb shit to Playboy.

Barbers in LA are going to start taking blood pressure readings:

Victor and Reid say they’ll work with about two-dozen barbershops in LA and will track at-risk patients for at least 18 months. They have partnerships with low-cost health clinics, and Reid says he’ll see patients who may not have insurance or who are cash-strapped.

“The ultimate cost is lessened if we treat your hypertension now, as opposed to your kidney disease and hemodialysis and your stroke and your heart attack downstream,” Reid says.

23 Classic Hollywood GIFs That Are Better Than a Time Machine NICOLE STOPPED BREATHING OMIGODDDD:


Emma Carmichael is taking over Jezebel!

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