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John Wenz’s previous work for The Toast can be found here.

Ten Minutes:

Ten minutes of Ned Flanders saying “Nothing At All”

Forty Minutes:

Forty minutes of Voyager recordings of Jupiter’s radio signals

One Hour:

One hour of “Surprise, Motherfucker” from Dexter

Also One Hour, Family Friendly Edition:

The little girl from the old Sesame Street cartoon saying “A loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter” for an hour

One Hour and Twenty Minutes:

“Street Hassle” by Lou Reed on loop

Two Hours:

Lemongrab from Adventure Time poking himself for two hours

(At 1:51:57, YouTube user AreYouSpace stretches the truth a little.)

Three Hours:

Dogs barking for three hours

Four Hours:

Some dude with a goatee saying “button awesome” for four hours

Five Hours:

Five hours of Count Orlok from Nosferatu waking up

Six Hours:

Six hours of test patterns

Seven Hours:

Seven hours of planes landing

Eight Hours:

Eight hours of a crackling fire

Nine Hours:

Nine hours of cat purrs

Ten Hours:

Ten hours of cricket sounds

Also Ten Hours:

Professor Plutonium from Powerpuff Girls chewing a pea for 10 hours, set to the music of Michael Jackson

Eleven Hours:

Eleven hours of cetaceans

Twelve Hours:

Twelve hours of the Enterprise-D idling noise

Fifteen Hours:

Fifteen hours of the epic sax guy set to Gandalf from Lord of the Rings

Twenty Four Hours:

One day of the original Enterprise idling


“30 Seconds Over Tokyo” by Pere Ubu

John Wenz is a writer and catlady living in Philadelphia. His work has appeared in The Awl, Popular Mechanics and Mental Floss. He tweets @johnwenz and Tumbls at johnwenz.tumblr.com.

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