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television > police ANY DAY

Tony Abbott is an idiot, let’s talk about exactly how he’s an idiot (Australia, I feel for you, we Canadians have an idiot right now too):

The suggestion that Indigenous people living on their traditional lands is a “lifestyle choice” has not gone down well among people who think the proclaimed prime minister for Indigenous affairs should know more about Aboriginal culture.

Tyler gives Liza’s Sally Bowles the treatment she deserves.

An Untamed State defeats Station Eleven in The Morning News’ Tournament of Books! My own installment will be up soon (I was a Zombie Round Judge) and my only request was that I not be allowed to judge An Untamed State, bc ROXANE. My decision involved more Star Trek metaphors and self-loathing.

On Remy Denton and Olivia Pope

I want a dog. I always want a dog, but I want a dog really badly right now and every day I do not get a dog is a personal victory but I think I will be getting a dog before too long. Not a puppy, like a 6-8 month old dog that is a) a boy dog and b) no longer piddling inside and c) will be MY dog and not my husband’s dog and d) will sleep on my bed and e) will be okay with being named Mountbatten and will be either f) a golden acquired from acquaintances who raise them or g) the most hard-luck looking money pit they have at the local pound and if it’s f) then I make a large donation to the local pound and h) I want a dooooooooog gimme a dog and i) I have a NEWBORN what is WRONG with me.

A conservative reads the Ferguson DOJ report and realizes everything is fucked. His readers are not happy, but they can die in a fire for all I care.

Please enjoy this delighfully cheesy and upbeat super-cut of movie dance scenes:

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