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“I own you! I walked on your face!” (LOVED this piece/excerpt on the moon landing and Buzz Aldrin and everything):

Buzz Aldrin once told me that he envies writers their ability to put things into words. Yet one of his first utterances after stepping out of the lunar module, in an attempt to describe the landscape to Mission Control, was the phrase “magnificent desolation.” This is surprisingly poetic for an astronaut, and it has stayed with me ever since I noticed it in a NASA transcript years ago. Every minute of the astronauts’ time on the moon was planned, and they wore printed copies of their schedules on their wrists to keep them on track. But I have to imagine that, once in a while, Neil and Buzz looked up at the far-off mountains at the edge of the Sea of Tranquility and thought to themselves, I am on the moon. This is all happening, right now, on the surface of the moon. Buzz Aldrin said many years later, “Every step on the moon was a virginal experience. Exploring this place that had never before been seen by human eyes, upon which no foot had stepped, or hand touched—was awe-inspiring.”

bitches gotta eat gets controversial:

DO YOU GUYS NOT KNOW THAT THERE ARE PEOPLE IN WISCONSIN MAKING THEIR OWN SUSHI AT HOME RIGHT NOW. who gives a shit about gross guacamole when somewhere in america someone is putting a slice of american cheese on top of a plate of perfectly acceptable spaghetti? some misguided asshole is putting a jar of miracle whip in his grocery cart and we’re all talking about guacamole!? fuck it, i’m moving to canada.

Go see Alexis Coe at Housing Works tonight!

I am here for the Channing Tatum as Gene Kelly comparison. Also, Laura Ortberg Turner, who I love so much, on the Christian case for Magic Mike (Laura is holding it DOWN for Christian Toasties):

It wasn’t until after seeing the movie that I found out I wasn’t supposed to have seen it, and I definitely wasn’t supposed to have enjoyed it. Christian bloggers across the country were up in arms–and not the muscular kind–about Christian women enjoying Magic Mike. Comparisons to 50 Shades of Grey were plentiful, as were questions about whether Christian women would be okay with their husbands raving about seeing a female version of the movie. One blog post asked whether the movie should really be called Tragic Mike for all the ways it causes women to stumble into sin. Others compared it to watching porn and lamented the way their Christian girlfriends were going deeper down the rabbit hole of lust. One blogger said that “it honestly is doing damage to women’s sex drives” and implored her readers not to see it.

Carolita on becoming an upstater IN CARTOON FORM. Also, I learned a lot from this thing about being a cartoonist!

oh my god i cannot with calling other people’s reasonable choices selfish anymore, i just do not care. me, I enjoy kids at weddings and have a massive noisy family with whom I am very happily enmeshed, but don’t be a total hosebeast, no one says you have to go!

Mallory gets here on Thursday FOR TWO FREAKING WEEKS and thebestjasmine gets here on Friday to spend the weekend with us and I am so excited I am practically vibrating.

Tyler Coates pointed me towards this video of Sutton Foster rehearsing “Anything Goes” and I am AGAPE:

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