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kristen-ulmer1Loved ones, I had the BEST weekend at my Zen ski camp, run by Kristen Ulmer, literally the coolest and sexiest and bravest woman in the world, and I’m still pretty high from it (I went last year, too, and it was a big catalyst for saying “yes” to Mallory when she asked me to make this site with her, so, we owe her one.) I won’t make a huge sales pitch, but I WILL say that if you can afford it, you should pay and do it, and if you can’t afford it, she’s never turned anyone away, so you should do it anyway, and any Toastie who DOES do it is formally invited to stay with me while they attend. I have a nice guest room stocked with thoughtfully-chosen books and fluffy towels and will pick you up at the airport and feed you. Okay? Okay. Skiing is totally tangential to the experience (though, I mean, you should be able to ski blue runs), and you can get just as much out of it if you like to slowly make your way down the mountain (more, even.)

Now that the weird evangelizing portion of our link roundup is over, I am very happy to talk about our formal submissions call for the Trans* Series that NicMall are doing for 2014. I want pitches and pieces from our trans* readers and writers and civilians about literally every aspect of being trans*. Clothes! Dating! Video games! Workplace discrimination! Pieces about transition are more than welcome too, of course, but we want the whole glorious spectrum. We pay, we boot out trolls, we want you to write for us. Direct your missives to submissions, we’re delighted to read them. Update: Any writers who would rather not have their work lumped under the general umbrella of the series are more than welcome to do so.

SPEAKING OF: CeCe McDonald is finally out of (men’s) prison.

Katie Heaney, of Reading Between the Texts fame, has written a book! You can buy it here.

The Ghost in My Machine: Tales of the Strange and Unusual is here to slowly eat you. I’ve added it to my feeds, but I sure didn’t want to.

Screen Shot 2014-01-13 at 11.32.02 AM26 Scarlet Letters.

Spending a lot of time with this list of alleged alien beings right now.

Seriously, fuuuuuck this dead guy:

Even earlier, at a 1928 Paris conference, Birkhoff wrote home to his department, detailing why Jews should not be hired and mentioning that he had met John von Neumann, a Hungarian Jewish mathematician of soon-to-be legendary accomplishment. Birkhoff wrote that he found the Hungarian to be a “very attractive young fellow although Jewish.” How were Birkhoff’s views able to hold sway over the Harvard faculty, and why did they dominate the institution for so long?

Hazlitt is exceptionally good, and if you fit the bill, apply for their internship!

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