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This past Saturday, Nicole and Matt and I spent a lovely afternoon in Salt Lake City visiting the North Visitor’s Center at Temple Square (where there is a statue of Jesus in a room painted like a black-light poster version of outer space that is the coolest, trippiest thing), and shopping at the nicest mall I have ever seen in my life. As we were walking through the Roberto Cavalli section, I realized that, even if I became a millionaire, it would likely never dawn on me to begin shopping in that section. I think of this often enough in New York, too, walking through SoHo and seeing people just pop into the Prada store. I just cannot imagine needing new clothes and going to a designer store like that first.

There are certainly things about my life I would change if I came into a lot more money. I would stop shopping at H&M and buy a lot more free-range eggs and quality meat. I like to think I’d give more to charity, and I probably would, but I’d also stay at nicer hotels when I traveled and not fret so much about how much I already spend on good hair conditioner. I would get so many massages and full body scrubs. Every single day I’d have a new layer of skin.

But there are also things I can’t see myself doing, no matter how much money I had, like owning more than one home, getting really into purses, or going to Disney World. Tell me, what about your life think would remain unchanged with endless funds? What wouldn’t you buy?

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