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Oh hey there, readers, who I assume at least have a passing familiarity with Dad Magazine. Did you know there’s a Dad Magazine book coming out? We’ve mentioned it before. I don’t know, maybe you’d like to preorder. Or maybe you’d like to buy Dad Magazine at one of our two launch parties in New York?

The first will be on April 26 at Astoria Bookshop (our lovely local bookshop), and moderated by the wonderful and witty Michelle Dean. Here’s the event info for that one!

The second will be THE VERY NEXT NIGHT, on April 27, at Housing Works Bookstore in SoHo. That’ll feature readings from the likes of Pilot Viruet, Anne Helen Petersen, Elon Green and Anil Dash. Here’s a Facebook event to RSVP to! Ooh and that one has a poster. They both will, as soon as Matt gets around to drawing the other one.


I would very much like to see you all at one or both! Or neither, I’m sure you have important plans that night and/or do not live anywhere near where these events are taking place, in which case I will just assume your best wishes.

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