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If you are not familiar with the Emily Books Book Club, or simply have that condition where you struggle to form short-term memories, you may click here. Maybe you already did!

I was DELIGHTED to hear that the newest offering from Emily Books was Samantha Irby‘s brilliant collection, Meaty, having read and enjoyed it earlier this summer. Nothing reminds you of grade school like being able to say “Ah, of course. As an educated person, I’ve already read it, but am happy to discuss it with you now.”

Emily Books, on Meaty:

“Amazingly crass, defiant, witty, terrifying, and wondrous,” says Booklist, and we completely agree: Samantha Irby is the real thing, a voice you’ve never heard before. Irby has long been known as a comedian and the ribald host of the ongoing party also known as the blog Bitches Gotta Eat. But now she’s also the author of this book of essays, in which she details the comedy and the horror of having a body, having parents, having sex, working, and every other aspect of being human. Mingling disgust and delight and pathos and tragedy is her specialty, as is an utter devotion to frankness, especially about race and sex. She’s never gratuitously out to shock, but she’s shocking because of how rarely anyone is as honest as she dares to be.

Emily has provided me with about nineteen pieces of helpful information on how best to get your hands on Meaty, which I will do my best to convey accurately. Ideally, there would be a flow chart, in which all paths converge on successfully owning the book.

Do you have an iPhone, y/n? If y, do you have iOS 7, y/n?

People with two y’s: Download the new Emily Books Reader app (it’s free). You can read two sample chapters for free, or purchase the book solo for $12.99, which will also get you an essay by our own Roxane Gay and an interview with Sam by Claire Zulkey, also our own (all things converge). Alternatively, you can subscribe for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year, thus receiving a book a month. This is what I do, personally, but I’m hoping to scam a free subscription next year because of this recurring feature. Oh, if you already have a subscription, you can download the app and its ongoing contents (plus some greatest hits from the past) for free by putting in your email address.

People with one or two n’s: You can buy Meaty via the normal website as a one-off for $11.99. Or, the annual subscription is $159.99, or $13.99 a month. As you can see, the app subscription is a lot cheaper than the non-app subscription. Probably because Apple is secretly running the Independent Bookseller’s Alliance. That was a joke. Support your indie bookstores, be they electronic or brick and mortar.

I will not say much more about Meaty until our conversation at the end of October, but I will say that Roxane gets it completely right when she talks about the “undercurrent of sadness” running through Irby’s work. It’s the funniest book that will ever make you cry. I’m very excited to share it with you. I guarantee you will enjoy it.

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