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All I really want to talk about today is this New York Times multimedia account of what I feel pretty comfortable referring to as a colossal miscarriage of justice stemming from (best case scenario) incompetence and closed ranks. No, that’s silly. LOTS of women who are packing their bags to leave their boyfriends change their minds and instead shoot themselves twice with their boyfriend’s service revolver with their non-dominant hand. CHRIST ON A FUCKING CRACKER BURN IT ALL DOWN.

I mean, this is not really up there with that, but also you should not feel free to attend the college of your choice while pregnant (and a Marine, and a firefighter), because that’s, you know, absconding with some famous dude’s baby.

Please do not think this is an acceptable space to discuss the Doctor Who anniversary special, as I am waiting to watch it with a friend over Thanksgiving, but this IS a place to talk about your favourite Companions. Martha and Donna. End of list.

Are you reading Middlemarch? Discussing through the end of Chapter 12 for Dec. 2nd! You can drop questions for Rebecca in the comments or email me (nicole at the hyphen toast dot net).

Kurt Loder pointed out you can download 12 hours of “Folk Music in America” from the Library of Congress.

The victim in yet another vile legal clusterfuck tells her own story.

A very thoughtful longread on the cyclical nature of inequality.

Popular Science is killing their comment section.

K, here’s a lion cub playing in autumn leaves. Cliffe OUT.


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