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HONORARY TOAST HERO SAVES LIFE IS PERFECT (this is ancient news, but we just saw her in a movie, so):

“She told them, ‘You’ve done enough. You can either keep threatening me, a defenseless unarmed woman trying to provide medical services to a dying man, or you can go get this guy some water like a decent human being,’” said Damien Hazel, who told The S.F. Examiner that he witnessed the entire incident.

No. Do not do this. No. Do not buy $128 dreadlock extensions from Free People. I am assuming if you are considering this, you are white, because that’s what Free People is going for, so: do not be a white person with dreadlocks, you look like a fool and it’s weird. TOAST STANCE.

Worf and Troi are IRL friends! SHE CALLS HIM DORNY!

What Well-Dressed Dykes Wore in the 70s:

My beautiful picture

Sarah Jeong explains the cellphone decision in the Supreme Court.

Uber and the costs of racism:

My night in NYC went fine, with my feet, the train, and friends making sure all went well on the transportation front. The following day, however, I started to run into the usual trouble. Running too late to catch the train from Manhattan to JFK, I tried hailing a cab in the crowded streets around Times Square. Even though dozens of cabs were on the streets (and hours away from the next shift change), four different cab drivers claimed they were off-duty, despite their lights declaring otherwise. Still more sped around me, not even bothering to pull to the side for the lone black girl on the corner but happily picking up the white couple a few feet away. I started trudging to the nearest hotel, hoping to fall on the mercy of the concierge, when the 11th cab I spotted heading up my way finally picked me up.

Graphic novels to read this summer!

Yeah, mind your own bidness if your friends want to have a kid and you think they can’t afford to:

Your friends will figure it out. They have a combined income of $80,000 a year in a country where the median household income is $51,017. The money they used to spend on “new iPhones, or weekends in Vegas” will shift to child care.

Kate J.M. Baker’s piece on campus sexual assault at Quest University in Canada is really interesting:

Quest’s quandary is universal; schools across the continent are grappling with sexual assault allegations. But there are no deep-rooted institutional issues impeding Quest’s radical goals of remaking higher education or nurturing a respectful community: no tenure, no departments, no Greek life, and no influential alumni (no alumni older than 30, actually, since the first graduating class matriculated in 2011). The school is explicitly not for everyone; Quest can ask students to leave if they fail to contribute to the intellectual environment, and has done so in the past. Part of what students pay for, along with $29K annual tuition plus $9,500 mandatory room and board, is the assumption that Quest is a bubble, safe from more than just tedious courses and fluorescent-lit lecture halls.

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