The Wheeled Assassins: An Infinite Jest-Themed Roller Derby Roster -The Toast

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Infinite Jessie  #∞

Avril I-Can-Dent-Ya  #56

Kate Stompert  #420

Donna Skately  #12STEP

Madame Psychosis  #60 +/-

Annulate Her  #0

Le Prochain Train  #2359EXPRESS

Blood Sister  #1TOUGHNUN

Ann Kittenslam  #12 ½

Molly Nokkin’  #A FINITE NUMBER

Yushityu Pants  #2007

InYerFace TelEnterpainment  #4.8MB

Hittiest Girl Of All Time (H.G.O.A.T.)  #10

Map Eliminator  #4KEEPS



David Foster Wallop

Jenny Hayes grew up in Berkeley, California and now lives in Seattle. Her writing has appeared in Spartan, Eclectica, The Northville Review, and other interesting places. Her chapbook with an illustrated story about David Bowie will be published in late 2014 by alice blue books.

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