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DSC_13231. Female when used to refer to a human woman.

2. Crazy when used to refer to your ex-girlfriend(s). They cannot all be crazy. Maybe it’s just you.

3. Bitch, in nearly every context, but particularly if you are referring to your romantic partner, a woman you don’t like, a woman who has spurned you, or really, any woman at all. Also, when gratuitously used in music ie: “Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe,” or “That’s how you let the beat build bitch,” or “I see two of my bitches in the club.”

4. Censorship, the cry of, when you have said something offensive and then resent that your offense hasn’t been warmly embraced.

5. Fat/Ugly as a rejoinder to a woman having an opinion with which you disagree.

6. Actually, if you intend to “correct” or “explain” something you have deemed yourself an expert on.

7. Joke, just a, when you use humor as a guise for pettiness, inadequacy, and hatred.


**Feel free to add other words we should ban in the comments!



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