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  1. 1. Female when used to refer to a human woman. 2. Crazy when used to refer to your ex-girlfriend(s). They cannot all be crazy. Maybe it's just you. 3. Bitch, in nearly every context, but particularly if you are referring to your romantic partner, a woman you don't like, a woman who has spurned you, or really, any woman at all. Also, when gratuitously used in music ie: "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe," or "That's…

  2. Spring has sprung. Summer has lingered. Fall is falling. And winter is coming.

    It’s back-to-school time for all of the little children (and many of the grown-ups like me, who have traded in reading the things we like to read for the things that we have to read). Fall also heralds in the back-to-school bigots who are interested in banning all the good books, and using all manner of explanations to

  3. When Rainbow Rowell's first YA novel Eleanor & Park came out this spring, people loved it. After John Green gave it a glowing (shimmering, really. Incandescent, even) review in the New York Times, even more people loved it. It was an Amazon Best Book of the Month, a New York Times bestseller, and it inspired a shocking amount of beautifully rendered fan art. I loved it, my mother loved it, my pregnant coworker loved it, my friend…