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Lately, I’ve been enjoying Ja Rule’s discography. There’s something about his earnest elocution that charms me. The song most frequently appearing in rotation is Ja’s “Between Me And You,” a duet with Christina Milian, breathily “singing” her little heart out.

The video is so low budget–some beach moments with gratuitous and lingering shots of scantily clad women, a few party scenes at a McMansion, and two classic moments–a woman seductively licking an ice cream cone (1:25) and then a quick cut to Ja bursting up in a hot tub to spit some game (1:29), like RAWR. I hear you, Ja. I hear you.

This is a song entirely about infidelity (they are both in relationships but cannot quit one another) but it’s also so romantic, “It’s the last day of spring/see you first day of summer.” Here for it, Ja. Tell me more about that little thing with your tongue, you’re the best who knew?

In the video, Ja largely remains shirtless for the duration. There’s also a tender moment with some milk and later,  whipped cream. Christina rubs her upper cleavage more than once! Men walk around with swagger. Ja licks his lips. The young couple remind each other that what they have going on is just between them so the rest of us should just mind our business.

The moral of the story is: YOLO!

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