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How to identify an urchin

What do urchins eat?

Can urchins read?

Is gruel real?

What is gruel?

What is in gruel?

Gruel recipes

How to spell ‘gruel’?

Actress ankles

Charles Dickens

“Charles Dickens”

“Charles Dickens” + Actress

How + To + Keep + Affairs + Secret

Suitable + Gifts + Angry + Wife

Standard goose measurements

Workhouse + Duties

Believable surnames

Unnaturally large bustles

Good + Ways + To + End + Book

Elizabeth Gaskell

Elizabeth Gaskell Amazon rank

Elizabeth Gaskell feet

Building partition in marital home

How do the poor talk?

How do the underclass talk?

How do lowlifes talk?

What is a barrowboy?

Things misers say

Things judges say

Things women say

Believable things women say

Uncomplicated undergarments

Strumpets + Mild

Etchings + Bawdy

Urchin + Fail

Surprising plot twists

Unfeasible plot twists

Am I a gadfly?

Grim House

Dour House

Bad House

Nasty House

Appalling House

Huge impractical bicycles

Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria pics

Queen Victoria feet

Frenchmen + Habits

Frenchmen + Hats

How do Frenchmen walk?

Am I a Frenchman?

Barnaby Rudge + Euphemism

Wilkie Collins Amazon rating

Wilkie Collins + Fraud

Wilkie Collins + Gossip

Wilkie Collins + Dirt

Wilkie Collins + Love child

Wilkie Collins + Scullery Maid

Scullery Maid

Scullery Maid ankles

Am I a gadabout?

Water closet irregularities

Dorrits + Size

Fallen woman + Pics

What is a normal number of ghosts?

Reproductive habits of the poor

Privy habits of the poor

Cannibalism habits of the poor

Do people really say ‘odds bodkins’?

Girls with parasols

Charles Dickens

“Charles Dickens”

“Charles Dickens” bald

“Charles Dickens” genius

Removing urchin blood from frock coat

Urchin synonyms

Dale Shaw is a comedy writer, author, and journalist based in London. His first book, Letters of Not, is available now from The Friday Project/HarperCollins.

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