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wait, are you Scottish? I thought you were from Birmingham

this is unrelated but do you consider Coventry “the north”

Do they not have cell phones in Scotland?

Wait, did he just say “did you hear the truth squeaking?”

Is everyone okay

Why are they complaining about creaks in this beautiful mansion, that seems churlish

Why can’t they all agree on having one to three accents, I count six people and 900 accents in this one scene

Why is she so relaxed about what is obviously a haunted house

When was that guy hitting on her, I stopped watching, what’s happening

Why don’t they just go outside

Guys I’m reading a Reddit thread from a woman who was fixing her dad’s computer and he runs a shoe shop and she found out he was filming her female customer’s feet and storing the footage on his laptop and she wants to know what she should do

I’m sorry I’ll save them all for the end

wait are tree nymphs ALIENS that EAT PEOPLE

wait WHAT

did he FUCK A TREE?

There are other doctors??

WHOSE mother?




So who did SHE fuck to give birth to HIM, then???


he lets bugs turn people into a house to keep his mom-tree alive because she has dementia???

wait, she thought all those kids were still alive after what she did to them?? what a dumb broad

is SHE the house?

Who is controlling the bugs?

Did she used to be a normal woman



Sure sure sure sure sure

Hooooo boy

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