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In the hours and days after it’s release, I heard breathless accounts of Mad Max: Fury Road as the second coming of action films and better yet, folks said, this was a feminist movie! Given the overall disdain if not blatant disrespect and degradation most movies express for women, I took this as mighty high praise.

Having now seen the movie, some of the hype was well deserved. I had a blast. Mad Max: Fury Road is an awesome action movie that kept me at the edge of my seat for two hours. The world building was utterly immersive. By the time I stumbled out of the theater, I could taste the sweet poison of gasoline at the back of my throat. There was also the pleasant thrill of watching women taking on the patriarchy with, of course, the help of Max.

As I watched the movie, though, I kept trying to find the feminism so many people I respect are able to see. Why do you think Mad Max: Fury Road is (or isn’t) feminist? A more interesting question: what is a feminist movie and can one possibly be made in traditional Hollywood?

This weekend, I am SO READY for San Andreas? What are you gonna see?

Various folks chime in on what they believe is unsayable.

I am from Nebraska and Nebraska abolished the death penalty which is excellent.

Navajo midwives are working to protect indigenous birth knowledge.

Sandwiches are delicious.

Some new words have been added to the Scrabble dictionary. This is very important news.

I saw Aliens last week and LOVED IT. I had sort of seen it before without paying attention, but damn, Sigourney Weaver is amazing. The aliens were very gross. Here is Tim Carmody on Aliens as an excellent movie about technology.

Remember that pretty rich people cabin Kevin Costner took Whitney Houston to in The Bodyguard? It’s for sale!!!

Michelle Dean writes about being a child research subject.

Neverland is also for sale. Heh.

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