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  1. Sulagna Misra's previous work for The Toast can be found here. After I saw Mad Max: Fury Road, I was less preoccupied with jumping into a mental whirlpool of “whether the movie was feminist or not” than I was in examining the trope I saw emerging, as highlighted in this Tumblr post: Pacific Rim: Well written and developed female character fights aliens with her golden retriever Winter Soldier: well written and developed female character fights…

  2. In the hours and days after it’s release, I heard breathless accounts of Mad Max: Fury Road as the second coming of action films and better yet, folks said, this was a feminist movie! Given the overall disdain if not blatant disrespect and degradation most movies express for women, I took this as mighty high praise.

    Having now seen the movie, some of the hype was well deserved. I had a blast. Mad Max: Fury