Desserts I Have Been Horrified By On “The Great British Bake-Off” -The Toast

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  • Just a bowl of jam with some bread crusts tossed in
  • Sponge cake (sponge flavored) with four raisins on it
  • Honestly I think just a grapefruit-flavored soup with pistachios and rose petals on top for some reason?
  • Cake with two colors but no flavors
  • A slice of white bread with a drizzle of simple syrup
  • Treacle and desperation tart
  • “Clearly defined layers”
  • Tray-sized jelly roll with one raspberry as garnish
  • War Rationing Plum Biscuit
  • Custard poured over any stale starch, rice or old potatoes or whatever
  • Buttercream On Fucking Everything
  • Sponge with raspberry
  • Sponge with custard
  • Sponge with custard and raspberry
  • Soda Bread For Some Reason
  • Jam sandwich with fondant
  • Bread crumbs and room-temperature clotted cream in an edible gold frame
  • It’s Shaped Like A Beehive
  • Nabisco wafers, unsweeted meringue, and a pound of sliced kiwi named after a ballerina
  • Roll with jam in
  • Roll with jam out
  • Yes Mistress
  • Sprinkles on a dough-knob
  • A bowl of Madeira with a date in it
  • Currant-biscuit mash with sponge and treacle
  • Frosting on some crackers, maybe in a bowl
  • Black Forest Lump
  • Apricot with a walnut in
  • Aniseed Tiffin
  • Yet Even More Raspberry Sponge
  • Marzipan whatsits
  • I Rolled Up A Cake, Paul
  • Cardamom Battenberg Handfuls
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