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Aries: There are things in this world that you can’t control. There are questions whose answers you can’t yet know. There are loads too heavy for your arms to hold. And sometimes the best thing to do is work to be wiser, stronger, more able to meet each day. And sometimes the best thing to do is to to sit near the water, quiet, and feel the earth alive under your feet. Sometimes the best thing to do is just keep loving your own self until you begin to believe it.

Taurus: The world is full of people who will tell you what you deserve and what you don’t. The world is full of these people, who will speak powerfully, convincingly, with cruelty or with love or with both. They’re all wrong, is the thing, but it can be so hard to see this. It can be so hard to keep your own mind clear. Think about your dreams about flying. Think about your knowledge of your own skin. You’re as vast and as strong as the sky. Don’t forget this.

Gemini: Sometimes it can be difficult to be honest with yourself and with the people in your life, but it isn’t impossible. It’s never impossible, but it sometimes takes practice and it sometimes takes strength and it sometimes takes love like you’ve never seen before. Practice sitting in a quiet place on a quiet evening. Practice looking at your own thoughts like they’re part of the night, like they’re as strange as the stars, like they’re as warm as the blue sky. It takes practice, holding your joy close. Practice.

Cancer: If you can’t have the thing you thought you wanted most, then what will you do? If the world doesn’t show you the magic you wanted, how will you move through your days? This is not about pessimism, and it’s not about disappointment, and it’s not about giving up. This month is for finding possibilities you never knew. This month is for watching your future open up, strange and golden in front of you. The world is full of more goodness than you know yet.

Leo: Some months are for dazzling the world with your brightest self, and some months, it’s okay to step back. It’s okay to spend your days quietly, in a warm clean house. You don’t always need to perform, and you don’t need to prove your own worth, and you don’t need to hold up the whole weight of the world, though you can if you want to try. Your time is precious, your time is golden. Don’t let anyone else tell you how to spend it.

Virgo: This is a month for walking, it’s a month for wondering, it’s a month for watching the skies above you change. Think of your sorrows, think of your struggles. What are they for? What are they doing, so warm and alive inside your heart? I don’t mean to say that everything happens for a reason. What I mean to say is there is a truth inside you as bright as the moon. There’s a power inside you as hot as the earth’s core.

Libra: You have the tools to make your world right again, even if you don’t yet know what they look like. There is magic already inside of you, magic that’s always been there, magic that grows stronger every day. This is a month for remembering how to use it. There’s so much ahead, and there’s so much you can do. Start asking questions of yourself. Start asking questions of the world. Let your dreams grow wild. Let your love grow unruly and bright.

Scorpio: Sometimes you can’t quite see the truth. Sometimes you lie to yourself about what you really need. We all do this; it’s nothing terrible. Still, this month, try to sit with your strange feelings, even when they feel too large to hold. Look at their colors. Listen to the way that they sing. What is your own heart telling you? You can know what to do if you’re willing to really look. You can find a way home. You can find a way to be free.

Sagittarius: The world, as it exists now, was not made for someone like you, and still here you are. Think about how strange this is. The temperatures are rising and the nights are long and still, here you are. There are buds on the trees that will turn into sticky green leaves, and you’ll get to see it. There are stars in the night that can guide you as they move. The world is not normal and still, here you are, and still, your heart beats.

Capricorn: Sometimes it feels best to fill your days with work. Sometimes it feels good, and sometimes it is good, to bear the heaviest load you can. Just remember, this month, that no one is built to survive on selflessness alone. You don’t have to do everything for yourself, and you don’t have to do everything on your own. Think of the forests and the seas and the lights of the city, quiet and yellow and sweet. There’s a whole world full of light, and some of it is for you.

Aquarius: This month, try to enjoy the feeling of being in motion. You’re not stuck; you’re moving in rhythm with the world. There’s so much to see, so many faces, so many trees, so much life. There are so many ways to keep changing, and there are so many textures inside your own thoughts. It can make you feel small, sometimes, to remember how big and how wild this world is. This is not a bad thing. Keep your heart open.

Pisces: This month, you’re going to be powerful and your vision is going to be clear. This month, the balance of the world is going to be in your favor. You can look your doubts in the face, even when you’re afraid. You can speak your heaviest truths and they will not break you. You can move, and keep moving, and you won’t get lost. It’s a rare month that will show you such clarity and such joy. The sun is going to shine. Enjoy this.

Madame Clairevoyant (a.k.a. Claire Comstock-Gay) writes fiction and horoscopes and works with teenagers during the day. You can find more of her writing here.

Jen May is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her website is somewhat regularly updated with new work.

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