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Aries: The world is full of voices, and it’s full of songs, and it’s full of different shades of silence. The world holds messages that you can’t see with your eyes, and it holds truths you can’t speak with your own voice. There are so many things you can learn if you just listen, this month. If you’re still enough, you can hear the earth move. If you’re still enough, you can hear the songs that live in your own body. If you’re still enough, the whole world can seem new.

Taurus: This is a month for feeling the soreness in your legs. This is a month for feeling the ache in your heart. These things feel almost like pain but they’re not, not quite. You’re just getting stronger and you’re getting wiser and you’re learning, over and over again, who you are and what you need. This isn’t easy. Take a bath, if you need to. Take a nap, if you need to. Close your eyes, and open them again, and watch the world come into focus.

Gemini: This month is for seeing in your dreams what you can’t yet see with your eyes; it’s for knowing in your skin what you can’t yet think in your brain. The future is full of shadows and strangeness. Some days might feel like nothing comes easy, not even the truths that you already hold inside you, but you don’t have to know what’s coming next before you act. Every moment you live can show you how to keep living. Each move you make will open doors.

Cancer: This is a month for making noise; it’s a month for getting loud enough that you can hear your own self again. There are different ways of doing this. Sometimes it takes practice, and sometimes it takes time to feel right. Just remember that your vocal range is wider than you think. Spend your days speaking and shouting and singing. There is music that lives in your stomach and music that lives in your bones. You hold magic inside you that you haven’t even seen yet.

Leo: This is a month for imagining possibilities, it’s for opening windows, it’s for letting yourself float and drift and dream. Try to get outside this month, even if it’s cold out, even if it’s gray. There’s so much in the world that wants to make you small, but your heart isn’t small. It’s full of blood and love and thunder. It can lift you up, it can move through space and time, it can surprise everyone, even you, if you let it.

Virgo: There are months when you’re not getting what you need, and there are months when you are, and it can be hard to tell the difference unless you really look. It’s okay if you don’t remember what you want. It’s okay if you don’t yet even know. There’s a big sky outside and a whole world of full of light. This is just a month for giving yourself the space to wonder, for giving yourself the space to think. It’s a month for loving yourself and for getting enough sleep.

Libra: Underneath every bad thing that’s ever happened, underneath every doubt and every sorrow, there’s still something in you that shines, something in you as hot as the sun and as bright as snow. This is a month for remembering that. It’s a month for nurturing the feelings inside you that you like the best. It’s a month for listening to the songs that make your heart beat. This is a month for looking in the mirror until you love your own face.

Scorpio: It’s fun and it’s good and it’s right, sometimes, to treat your own life like an adventure. And it is an adventure, but it’s not only that. This is a month for taking your own life seriously. It’s a month to feel need, to feel desire, to love other people beyond what you think your body can even hold. This vulnerability won’t kill you and it won’t last forever. Try to embrace the strange sweetness of it. Try to see what it can show you.

Sagittarius: It might feel like you have more choices than you know what to do with, this month. It might feel like the whole world could just float away. When the wind starts to blow and your dreams start to spin, try to slow down. Try to remind yourself of what’s real. Go outside and feel your feet on the ground and the air on your face. Touch something green. Touch your own skin. You won’t get lost. You’re solid and you’re here. You won’t forget yourself.

Capricorn: Your days might feel strange and your nights might feel long, but this month can bring you peace if you need it. These are days for looking to the earth and the sea and the moon. These are days for walking through your town until you’ve traced a path back home. These are days for calling someone you love and talking about nothing at all. You don’t have to look to the future, right now. The days will keep getting longer and all you need to do is live.

Aquarius: This month will be full of a bright magic; this month will feel like gold. This month, the world can give you answers to the questions you’ve been asking and it can light up the darkest parts of your thoughts. Try to trust this energy inside you. It can show you a way forward and it can give you what you need. Let yourself enjoy these days of possibility and motion. You’re strong and you’re wild and you know the way forward.

Pisces: Try not to be afraid, this month, when your life starts moving very fast, when your life starts to bloom in the middle of this strange winter. Try not to doubt the good things that are coming to you. It’s easy to forget your own hard work, easy to forget how long and how hard you’ve been trying. Feel the earth underneath you. You deserve days full of kindness and light. Watch the sky change above your head. You deserve every bright thing.

Madame Clairevoyant (a.k.a. Claire Comstock-Gay) writes fiction and horoscopes and works with teenagers during the day. You can find more of her writing here.

Jen May is an artist living in Brooklyn, NY. Her website is somewhat regularly updated with new work.

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