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What the fuck, Starks. The direwolves are like your own personal 90’s version of death row Suge Knight. Robb, the fuck you locking him up for? “Ooooh he gets really bloodthirsty and antsy.” …And? Muhfuckas out here choppin’ ya daddy’s head off on the block kid! Trust NO damn body. The North remembered that shit till the (Michael) Boltons came up in the spot with the fuck shit. Fuck shit has killed more people and especially direwolves in this series than… I can’t even finish the joke because I figuratively can’t think of anything else. Fuck shit is the leading cause of animal companion death in Westeros.

Ghost almost got fucking clipped on that shit too when Jon locked him away. Jon locked his boy up and got the acupuncture treatment to the abs. He came back to life and Ghost was lookin’ at him like, “And that’s what ya dumbass gets for putting me away. The fuck wrong with you, man. You think an oath gon’ stop fuckboys from doing fuck shit? Hell no! You know what stops them? Me and these fangs, and that Valyrian steel piece on your hip with me on the hilt. Lockin’ me up… must be out your fucking mind, man. I should howl at Nymeria to get me ’cause y’all on that dumb shit up here.”

Well this is just fantastic:

If seekers answer the questions incorrectly, they can be rejected for not being true converts. But if they answer correctly, they can be rejected for simply memorizing the correct thing to say.

“Christian convert asylum seekers are still being asked detailed factual ‘Bible trivia’ questions, which is too simplistic a way to judge if an individual is, for example, a genuine convert,” the report stated.

For example, Mohammed, a Christian convert from Iran, was asked what color the cover of the Bible was.

“I knew there were different colors,” he told the BBC. “The one I had was red. They asked me questions I was not able to answer—for example, what are the Ten Commandments. I could not name them all from memory.”


Franzoni and Brown went on to say that they envision actors like Leonardo DiCaprioplaying Rumi and Robert Downey Jr. playing Shams of Tabriz, a significant wandering dervish who altered Rumi’s life. “This is the level of casting that we’re talking about,” Brown told the Guardian, noting it was too early to begin casting.

Representatives for DiCaprio and Downey Jr. did not immediately reply to BuzzFeed’s emails asking if the actors would consider playing the roles should they be offered formally offered them.

AHH Celeste Ng shared this on Twitter, it’s six years old and FASCINATING:

My article on the world’s last four Shakers was at first only unusual because it was a rare glimpse into daily life at the Protestant monastic sect’s idyllic hilltop village in rural southern Maine. Never could I have imagined that that story, of all stories, would become the story behind the story of how I met, and eventually married, the long-sought love of my life.

Wayne Smith was one of the Shakers I profiled, whom I initially knew as Brother Wayne. Seven months after we met, he renounced his religious vocation and vow of celibacy after 26 years at the Sabbathday Lake community to pursue our relationship. It was 2006, and he was 43. “Sometimes you just know,” he says, tapping his heart, “here.”

(settles in with a cup of tea):

In 1968, John sold his share in his corporation, and he and Barbara used that money (over $1 million today) as the down payment for their “perfect civilization,” their New Sexual Utopia. They soon found the ideal property: 15 secluded acres way up a winding dirt road in Topanga Canyon, close to Malibu and just far enough from the city. (The Monkees had tried to purchase the place, but the deal fell through.) With a multi-bedroom main house, two guest cottages, and a separate structure that contained an Olympic-size swimming pool, this was the bourgeois free-love compound they’d been dreaming of.

The couple set about engineering the right mood. Barbara decorated the 60-foot-long living room on the main floor with plush carpeting, velvet sofas, a crystal chandelier, giant ferns, and floor-to-ceiling curtains—everything in natural tones, everything designed to feel good on naked skin, and only the most flattering lighting. In the large basement, complete with massive fireplace, they covered the floor with a collection of mattresses and waterbeds. They christened this space the “ballroom”—you know, for balling. And in the final stroke in their return to nature, the Williamsons removed all the doors, converting the bathroom on the main level into a kind of thoroughfare. “There was no backstage at Sandstone,” Barbara writes. “Whatever anyone did was done openly in front of everyone else. I always felt that constant exposure made it virtually impossible to be dishonest.”

I never listen to podcasts but I wanted to see if Mallory would mention me also her voice is so enchanting.

The PRESUMPTION of people never ceases to amaze me. I have a lovely dad and we didn’t do any of this stuff because we would both have literally died of awkwardness, you do you:

Q. Father-daughter dance dilemma: My father and I had a falling out several years ago and haven’t spoken since. I’ve met a wonderful man who makes me happy, and we are planning on marrying next year. I don’t foresee my father making any moves to mend the bridge between the two of us anytime soon, but the more planning that goes into this wedding and the more I hear, “Who will walk you down the aisle?” and “Are you really not having a father-daughter dance?” the more it eats away at me. Should I invite a man who so willingly wrote me out of his life to the best day of mine, as some sort of olive branch, or should I continue to plan our day without him?

well, you’ve convinced me:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.01.19 AM

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.01.04 AM

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