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On April Fool’s Day, Twitter personality Richard Lawson successfully RickRolled many of us with the video we are about to discuss.

It is a video of a very energetic young man in a series of bright tops doing a mashup of the recent pop hit “Bang Bang” with the significantly less recent Nancy Sinatra classic “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)”. During the portions of the video when he is singing Nancy Sinatra, he wears a more sombre black tank top to emphasize the seriousness of said song.

I have watched it…eighty times since Friday? My mother came to visit and I played it for her while we were still in the airport. I have played it for my cousins, and for my children. I sent it to Mallory and she immediately called me and we discussed it for twenty minutes. “I wish someone would tell me how to feel about this video,” she said. “I wish I could read a 20k word oral history of this video,” I responded.

It is sublime, it is ridiculous. The gentleman in question is Blake McIver Ewing, who you may remember from Full House and as Waldo from the 1994 film The Little Rascals.

This is a man living his best life. This is a man who is comfortable with himself. This is a man who does not shy away from using hand gestures.


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