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  1. Their Style: Georg favors a seafaring aesthetic inspired by rigid discipline, uniforms, and a lot of marching. He likes rooms to conduct themselves with the utmost order and decorum. I enjoy large fountains, tree-lined streets, extravagant home puppet theaters, and statues that remind me of the Reverend Mother’s chiseled cheekbones.

  2. 1. Crisp Apple Strudels: Clearly the best thing on the list, though I have to say that the third-to-last cook we had in our Salzburg home made far better apple strudels than any I’ve tasted since. Sadly, Frau Gensler hated whistles, marching, and frogs, and she up and quit on us with no notice. It is so hard to find reliable help these days. Our last cook, Frau Jurgen, made merely acceptable strudels, though when…