The Vogue-iest Parts of the September 2013 Issue of Vogue -The Toast

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“Emma Bloomberg, the foundation’s 34-year-old chief of staff, stands poised and seemingly unflappable in discreet jewels and one of the quietly elegant sleeveless sheath dresses she favors (the better to show her impressively CrossFit-toned arms).”

“Spritz, dab, splash, roll. There are only so many ways to apply a fragrance – or so we thought.”

“’Emma and Chris are very discerning about the folks that are allowed into their circle, and they’ve put together a very curated group of friends that’s like one big family,’ says Anton”

“’I live on three island: Manhattan, one off the coast of Maine, and Key West,’ she says – each of which she fills with much-beloved botanical watercolors by Gertrude Hamilton, antique sailors’ valentines, and all manner of things Victorian.”

“Next time a foodie friend takes out their phone at the dinner table, they may be doing more than sharing a picture of quinoa salad or tuna tartare.”

“My two daughters – Ursula, six, and Tess, three – had been asked to follow Caro up the aisle, along with eight other children, on the most important day of her life. It was an honor I had been wondering if they would live up to since last summer, when the request first came.”

“But before envying the supermodel for both her otherworldy beauty and her virtue, know that she’s also real. Sure she may want her family to go packaging-free for a week, ‘but I’m not going to be psycho mom telling Auden he can’t have a Clif Bar’ she says.”

[On selfies]: “The (semi-) spontaneous snapshots one takes of oneself to display an enviable updo, the most luscious lip color, a bejeweled ear cuff, new shoes.”

“There was something delicious about arriving in my suite at the historic Hotel Sacher in the center of Vienna this past July, a few days before the wedding of Caroline Sieber and Fritz von Westenholz. Not only was my room upholstered in pink and dripping in chandeliers – paradise! But a tempting slice of Sacher torte had been put on the table for me.”

“The first weekend my mother saw my icy-white FuelBand, she told me it was ugly and that it looked like a medical bracelet on someone too young to be wearing one.”

“The food – asparagus to start and rare beef to follow – was served on blue-and-white Herend china ordered in from Germany (there wasn’t enough of it in Austria).”

“Oh, the glorious extra time! Enough to book a ticket to Barcelona or take a power nap.”

“Emma loves fashion,” her friend Lizzie Wolff, a Vanity Fair publicist, says, “but I remember being at a wedding with her where she was wearing some fabulous dress. I asked her who made it, and she said, ‘It’s Rent the Runway.” I thought that was hilarious.”

“Invitations were handed out very late and very exclusively, so I was surprised to see how many guests actually appeared at the local pub in Hohenberg, situated on the rolling estate of our two aunts, the sisters Tony and Daisy.”

“As boys brought up with a certain worldly sophistication – our father was an American diplomat, and we grew up in Europe and Morocco – my brother and I called her ‘Nonina,’ the Italian diminutive for ‘Grandma.'”

“Inside was a long list of names – the guest list for the weekend. Oh – the Andres Santo Domingos were here. Heaven. Pippa Middleton was coming. The Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley, and designers Erdem Moralioglu and Christopher Kane were expected. […] The guest list was just the first indication that perfection would be the only option at their wedding.”


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